E-Sourcing is the most effective tool for integrating vendor management into the sourcing processes. From approved requisitions, through RFX, e-tender and relevant steps of vendor rating to price negotiation, you can easily manage the whole process without leaving the platform. E-Sourcing solutions helps you to get the real market price and choose the ideal supplier. All the data throughout the sourcing process is saved in the system, and can be reached anytime in the future, providing you have real-time feedback and full transparency.


Selecting the best supplier is undisputedly the most important part of sourcing. Nowadays, most companies are still focused on operative tasks rather than turning their attention to strategic targets. Collecting information (RFI) and proposals (RFQ) are still paper-based, or managed via emails, however, there are several solutions for the automation of the sourcing processes. E-Tender provides centralised, integrated surface where buyers and potential suppliers can communicate with each other, vendors can upload their information and proposals. This closed system provides high efficiency and transparency in strategic sourcing.


E-Auction is a widespread online tool, and the most effective solution to get the lowest price on the market from your potential suppliers. In the case of sourcing of any products or services, it provides a safe and transparent environment to make vendors compete for your business, offering the best possible price. Our well prepared and experienced professionals support both sides (buyers’ and suppliers’ as well) to reach an agreement based on mutual satisfaction.

Vendor management

Vendor management solution is not only about enabling you to handle your supplier data and performance in a lifecycle model, but it also enables the user to monitor and maintain supplier performance and data in real time. Suppliers receive periodic online requests to update their information that appear after verification on the procurement side. Procurement professionals can rate suppliers’ performances easily by an established rating system (that can be configured) and in addition, real time graphs and reports can be generated from the available data.

Spend analysis

Expenditure analysis solution is an integrated tool that automatically collects data and information based on predetermined aspects during the whole procure-to-pay process, and provides interactive dashboards and reports (based on real-time data) to professionals and decision makers. Expenditure analysis is an essential tool for accurate cost planning and absolutely necessary for effective and efficient sourcing.