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Conditions of use

We do not accept any liability for the data and/or information on the website, or for any potential damages or disadvantages caused by their use.

We are happy and honoured if a link to our website is placed on someone’s own website. However, without the written consent of the operator, pages of the website or any part of it must not be included in other websites in a way that suggests being an own page. We dissociate ourselves from the cases when links to any part of this website are placed on webpages operated illegally, with obscene content and/or on pages offensive towards others, thereby infringing or potentially infringing the reputation and interests of this website. The operator always takes action in these cases.

Data protection and privacy policy

The operator of hereby informs the visitors of the website about its practice regarding the processing of personal data, the organisational and technical measures taken for data protection as well as the relevant rights of visitors and the enforcement of such rights.

  1. Name of data controller:
    DOQSYS Business Solutions Ltd (hereinafter: Service Provider)
  2. Address of data controller:
    1044 Budapest, Megyeri street 53.
  3. Contact:
  4. Data protection registration identifier:
    Submitted, no identifier issued yet
  5. Name of data processing:
    Processing data belonging to users registered on the website, based on the voluntary, informed and explicit consent of users.
  6. Legal basis of data processing:
    Voluntary consent of the data subject under section 5 of Act CXII of 2011 on informational self-determination and freedom of information.
  7. Scope of processed data:
    1. Data provided during contact:
      Personal data provided by the user during contact will not be disclosed to third parties. Mandatory data to be provided by the user during contact:Name, company name, phone number, email address.
    2. Data provided at the subscription for newsletters:
      AWhen users subscribe for newsletters, the name and email address of the users are stored, so the newsletter can be sent to them. Mailchimp ( sending service provider is used for storing the data and sending the newsletters. Personal data provided will not be disclosed to third parties. Mandatory data to be provided by the user when subscribing for a newsletter: Name, email address
    3. Use of the website without login:
      During the use of the website, the IP address of the user’s computer, the start and time of the visit and, in certain cases depending on the settings of the user’s computer, the type of the browser and the operating system are recorded. The systems logs these pieces of data automatically. The Service Provider does not link the data in the log file to other personal data.
  8. Purpose of data processing:
    1. Contact:
      In case of data provided by the customer for contact, the purpose of data processing are the identification of users and the provision of information to them by email or over the phone exclusively in connection to the relevant contact. The users give their consent to this type of data processing by completing and sending the online “Contact” form.
    2. Newsletter:
      In case of data provided by the customer during the subscription for newsletters, the purpose of data processing is the identification of the user for sending the newsletter. The Service Provider sends newsletters to users registered for the newsletter. Users may prevent the use of data for this purpose by unsubscribing. If users do not wish to receive newsletters, they may remove themselves from the newsletter database by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link at the end of the newsletters. Of course, users can be deleted from the newsletter database on individual requests as well, such request can be submitted to the email address.
    3. Cookies:
      During the use of this website, a log file is being created containing certain parameters of the user’s computer and its IP address. The operator uses these pieces of data for the sole purpose of developing the website.
      This website, and certain applications of it, use information stored in small text files called cookies, which are stored on the user’s hard disk to make the identification of users and their visit easier. User of the website can specify whether they intend to accept cookies or not, or whether they want to receive notification when visited websites send cookies to them. If you enable the use of cookies in the browser of your computer, you agree that the operator of the website may use the information transferred this way for the purposes of operation. Please note that if you do not enable the use of cookies, certain services of the website will not be available for use or they will be limited.
    4. Google Analytics:
      This website uses the web analytic services of Google Analytics provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). In order to assist the analysis of the use of the website, Google Analytics uses cookies, which are small text files stored on your computer. Google forwards the information regarding the use of the website generated by the cookie (including your IP address) to Google’s servers located in the United States, and the information is stored there. Google uses this information to evaluate how you use the website, to generate reports for the website operators regarding the activities conducted on the website and to provide other services regarding the use of the internet and in connection to the activities conducted on the website. Google may disclose this information to third parties if it is prescribed by law, or if the relevant third parties process this information on behalf of Google. Google does not link your IP address to other data held by Google. By choosing the appropriate settings in your browser, you may refuse the use of cookies, however, please note that in that case, you will not be able to use all functionality of this website. By using this website, you consent to the processing of your data in the ways and for the purposes specified above.

    The controller may not use personal data for purposes other than those specified, however, it may link them with other databases maintained by the Controller.

  9. Duration of data processing:
    The Service Provider is entitled to process data voluntarily provided by the user until the user takes advantage of the possibility provided by the Service Provider regarding the deletion of data. (Based on the voluntary decision of the user, the Service Provider deletes the data within 5 working days of receipt of the deletion request. If the user uses personal data illegally or in a misleading manner, or if he commits an offence, the Service Provider may, using the method specified in the conditions of use, delete all of the user’s personal data immediately, at the same time the registration is deleted.).
  10. Deletion of personal data:
    The user must deliver his request regarding the deletion of his personal data by email to the email address. The Service Provider deletes the data within 5 working days of receipt of the deletion request. The displayed data cannot be restored after deletion.
  11. Names and addresses of data processors:
    DOQSYS Business Solutions Ltd (1117 Budapest, Október huszonharmadika street 8-10, 4th floor)
  12. Name of data processing:
    Completion of technical tasks in relation to data processing operations.
  13. Data protection measures:
    Personal data within the Republic of Hungary is stored on a server operated by Bábelhal Webstudio Kft. The Service Provider stores all data provided by the user during the registration on the website on a secure, locked away server.
    During the management and processing of data, only developers, online editors and project managers employed by the Service Provider and with unique, limited (“admin”) access rights may access the data provided. The Service Provider monitors when users log into the database and the employees involved do their job under a strict duty of confidentiality.
  14. Data transmission:
    Apart from those indicated, the Service Provider does not forward data to third parties. It does not include potential, mandatory data transfers specified by law, which will only happen in extraordinary circumstances. Before complying with each data request of an authority, the data controller verifies whether the legal basis of the data transfer is actually present.
  15. Possibility to vary the privacy policy:
    The Service Provider reserves the right to unilaterally vary this privacy policy with a prior notice to the users. By using the service after the variation came into force, you accept the modified privacy policy.
  16. Rights of users regarding the use of their personal data:
    Users may request information on the use of their personal data. On request, the data controller provides information to the data subject about his data it processes, the purpose of data processing, its legal basis, its duration, the name and (registered) address of the data controller, the data controller’s activities in relation to data processing, moreover, about the persons received the data and for what purpose. The request for information must be delivered by email to the address, and the data subject receives an answer within 8 working days. Users may ask to delete or correct their data according to the provisions specified under the Duration of data processing part.
  17. Possibilities to enforce rights:
    Under Act CXII of 2011 on informational self-determination and freedom of information and the Civil Code, users may exercise their enforcement rights in court, moreover, they may seek assistance from the president of the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (Nemzeti Adatvédelmi es Információszabadság Hatóság, 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c., Hungary, postal address: 1534 Budapest, Pf.: 834., Hungary).

    If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the operator on the email address.

Last Modified: 14. August 20015.